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The 716 series starting with Love & Consequences  and the newly released Back to Business.

I have always believed that everyone has a story to tell.  We all come from such diverse backgrounds and experiences that are uniquely ours and to be able to share that with the world takes courage.  For years I was afraid to share my stories, scared that no one would appreciate the characters, the life lessons to be told or understand the pain behind my writing. It was out of my fears that I gain confidence. Confidence to push through all the doubts and negativity and just write. Not only was I going to write, but I would take a leap onto faith and believe that the stories I would tell would resonate with someone. That the stories and characters would move someone to laugh, cry and be moved to act. Every story isn't about what I fear, but the possibility of what I may help someone else get through. See everyone has a  story to tell, and by sharing those stories we never know how we might influence someone else to be great, endure life or just laugh. This is  what I believe and why I know share the many stories I was once scared to write.

My Community


I write stories that I hope empower, uplift and give hope. I want to hear my readers feedback, the good and the bad. I hope that we can discuss my writings in an intellectual way that allows everyone the opportunity to grow in our understanding and appreciation of just how diverse and beautiful we all are. I'll try my best to respond to all my readers because I want you to know how must I appreciate you and your willingness to read my work. Lastly I want my readers to know just who much their journeys in life influence me and what write. 

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I will be starting a few new projects  in 2019. I will be launching a blog and a podcast where I would love to interact with my readers and other authors . I promise to have fun, timely and provocative topics that I am sure we all will enjoy. So stay tune and stay in touch. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or sign up for my monthly newsletter. It's he best way to stay in the know for all upcoming events.